Saturday, April 17, 2010

Recently Read

Product Details Day After Night: A Novel by Anita Diamant

I was disappointed in this book. I thought the premise was fascinating - Jews who were being detained after WWII by the British as they made their way to Israel. There was so much I didn't know about this period of time, and after reading this book I still don't! I think this book could have been much more in-depth, both in the history and in the characters. The characters were almost two-dimensional - I didn't feel connected to any of them - the backgrounds were only a few pages long and scattered around the book. Unlike The Red Tent, which was outstanding, this book just didn't do justice to the story.

Honeymoon by James Patterson and Howard Roughan

I listened to this on audio, and really enjoyed it!  The narrators, Hope Davis and Campbell Scott, totally made it interesting.  The book itself was good, but a little predictable and in some places, a bit cliched.  Still, it's definitely worth listening to.

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