Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Delirium (Delirium, #1)Delirium by Lauren Oliver

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

YA seems to be flooded with dystopian novels, just as they were with vampire novels not too long ago!  I've read several lately, this one being the latest.

In an undefined time, love is considered a disease, and a procedure exists to give everyone the "cure."  It's a mandatory procedure for everyone once they turn 18.  Lena is looking forward to it - her mother was never cured and that past haunts her.

As the day moves closer, Lena becomes more aware of the way things "really" are.  She discovers that her world may not be exactly what is presented, and as she begins to question her reality, she faces a life-changing dilemma.

This is a very well-written novel that is a definite page-turner, with characters that will stay with you for a while after the book ends.

Delirium is the first book in a planned trilogy, and I will definitely be looking for the next one!

Also... Look for a movie to come out based on this book! 

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