Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Under the Dome by Stephen King

Classic Stephen King!! I had forgotten how much I love his writing - but sitting down with this one brought it all back and now I want more more more!

It's a rare writer that can fill up 1000+ pages to cover a time period of less than a week in the lives of the people of Chester Mills without boring their readers to death!

The book on its surface is about a small town that is suddenly encased in an indestructible dome. Obviously, the questions of where the dome came from, why it happened, how to get rid of it, are considered. But there's also the reality of the fact that they are on their own completely - there's no one getting out and no one getting in either. Who is in charge? And why? Are they still part of the U.S.? Or have they seceded? Who can be trusted?

Stephen King is sometimes at his best when he deals with the monsters that really do exist - the evil that lives inside all of us - and that's what this book is ultimately about.

Take a few days (or more) and find a comfortable chair and read this book!

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Jenny said...

Ooh sounds good! I think this may be the actual summary of the book I've read, lol! I really have been wanting to read Stephen King since I haven't read anything of his since Carrie and Cujo ages ago. Maybe I'll start with this one b/c it sounds good!!