Monday, January 11, 2010

The Secret of Joy by Melissa Senate

The Secret of Joy

Rebecca's life is comfortable but unfulfilling - she doesn't like her job as a paralegal doing divorce mediation and she's more scared than excited about the idea of her boyfriend proposing. But when her father dies after an astounding deathbed confession, her life is profoundly changed.

Her father tells her he had an affair, and that it resulted in a child. Rebecca, realizing that she has a sister, heads out to find her last remaining family member.

Joy has grown up without a father, and isn't as welcoming as Rebecca would like, but Rebecca is determined.

Overall, the book brought up a lot of questions - most specifically "what makes a man cheat?" And what makes a family? And how do you know when a relationship is over or when to try harder?

I really enjoyed this book, and definitely recommend it. Melissa Senate is one of my favorite writers, and I look forward to more from her!

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Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you liked it!! Great book!