Tuesday, August 19, 2008

So Long at the Fair: A Novel by Christina Schwarz

So Long at the Fair: A Novel
So Long at the Fair: A Novel by Christina Schwarz

As I was reading this book, I loved the plot, the writing, the setting - everything about this book was going great! And then it ended, and I felt completely unsatisfied. I wanted more of a resolution.

The novel takes place in the present time during one day in the life of Ginny and Jon. Jon is having an affair with a woman from his office, and much of the book deals with his feelings about both women. We're also taken back to 1963, and discover how Ginny and Jon's parents lives intertwined at that time, as well as a man for whom Ginny is currently doing some work. And in between all that, the novel fills us in on Ginny and Jon's background - how they met, their early marriage, etc.

But while the writing is very good, and I immensely enjoyed reading this book, there is just too much that is unresolved in this novel. As it is, it can be considered a great character study. You may not like all the characters (and there is much to NOT like!) but you get to know them pretty well. However, if you're looking for a great story with everything wrapped up at the end, this isn't going to be it.

Overall, I'd give this 3 1/2 stars.

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Library Cat said...

I had mixed feelings about this book as well. My problem was that by the time I figured out that I needed to keep up with who was who - CAREFULLY - it was too late. I liked it enough to try it again at some point when my TBR gets a little lower.