Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Just Want My Pants Back by David Rosen - 4/5 stars!

Stayed up late last night finishing

I Just Want My Pants Back: A Novel by David Rosen

What I\

I really liked this book! It's refreshing to read something in this genre from a male perspective. Jason is a 20 something New Yorker just trying to find his way. He has a job he's not interested in, he parties too much, he doesn't date, and has a slight disdain for his friends who are so anxious to grow up. Not surprisingly, this carefree lifestyle stops working for him, and he realizes that he needs to do some growing up himself.

The author has a wonderful use of language. Some of the passages are so funny and well-written that I would stop and read them again a few times. I love this - it makes the book so much more enjoyable.

A definite "worth reading"!

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like the author has a wonderful sense of humor as well. The title alone would make me take a closer look if I saw this on a book table!