Thursday, June 5, 2008

Time for a fresh start

The last of my grandmother's loose threads have been taken care of. Her bank accounts have been closed, her will did not need to be probated, and now we can look forward, which is what she would have wanted.

My brother's fresh start began a week ago when he checked into a detox center. He's now going to to outpatient treatment and AA. Please please please, let this be it for him.

I'm determined now to get my life in order - chaos has ruled long enough!!! I'm just going to be very strict with myself that I spend my time on what I like rather than wasting so much of it. My goals are to get the house completely repaired, cleaned, and decluttered in case we sell it - it'll be ready! And spend time each day doing some kind of home-schooling with Lydia - we're doing reading, math, and writing now. I'm hoping to have Fridays be our science project days!

Today - I finished Don't Hex with Texas (Katie Chandler, Book 4) by Shanna Swendson - a really cute addition to this series! It's a light paranormal romance, great beach reading!!

Now I'm starting Ghost of a Chance by Kate Marsh - another paranormal! I usually don't read that many in this genre, but I need to read this one and mail it out for a swap. After this, I'm going to need something much more serious!!

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Tracey said...

Good for you on fresh starts. I'm working on those myself and it's not easy. Also a good feeling when something changes for the better and/or something gets accomplished!